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United States Naval Air Stations of World War Two - Volume Two, Western States

Volume 2 covers the comprehensive histories of the WW II commissioned Naval Air Stations west of the Mississippi including Alaska and Hawaii. This high-quality hardbound book contains 286 pages and 375 photographs. Removable 17 x 22 in. map included. The Author, a former Navy and retired Delta Air Lines pilot, has written the books from a pilot's perspective, in a realistic and accurate manner. Order now!

What others have said about the Author's books:

"An excellent value for the Naval Aviation/WW II historian." - American Aviation Historical Society

"I've spent a very happy morning going through your book." - VAdm. Jim Stockdale

"The best expenditure I've made in years...really super…superb job" - RAdm. George Cassell

"This interesting book is a trove of information and unique, well-produced photos." - Naval Aviation News

"(Your book) will indeed bring back many memories for me." - President George Bush

"This is a first-rate achievement worthy of a place on the shelves of any interested in Naval Aviation." - The Yellow Sheet


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